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Latest Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 Crack Free Download

Latest Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 Crack Free Download
Worried about malware? Try Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014…! It is a popular antivirus application developed mainly by Softwin, a Romania based company. The Free version has been downloaded by thousands of PC and Mac users till now.‘’Florin Talpes’’ has developed this application at his own, later he got his all staff after the popularity of Bitdefender. The new version has got some new features like Photon Technology, Search Advisor and Performance optimizer to make it friendlier with low end machines. The new version comes with Photon technology, this technology can be used for more improved malware detection and for saving your precious passwords securely from Hackers.
Bitdefender Plus 2014 comes with Antispyware, Anti-malware, Virtual Personal Firewall, User Control and Privacy Control feature is also included in the new version.  Another feature was announced for Bitdefender antivirus named Safego Online, it is a type of application which will check your Facebook wall for potential threat or Spam comments. The application will block all risky webpages which may cause certain damages and threats to your privacy. If the application will detect any potential malware link in your Facebook News Feed then it will automatically block the next page for the user.

The Anti-spam feature has been introduced for the first time in Bitdefender Plus 2014. The software will automatically detect spam comments. You can also mark spams manually, if the application will be unable to detect the spams. The software will learn from you and the second time if it will see any same spam comment, it will be block it permanently. Another amazing technology named BE-HAVE has been announced for Bitdefender Plus. The feature is basically introduced for analyzing new malware applications. The application will analyze Anonymous malware application in a virtual PC from different aspects.

Many Reviewers have praised its performance. The application has received advanced certificate for on demand scanning. A standard level certificate has also been given to Bitdefender for recognizing un-known software, however the application was criticized for its slow speed scanning. Later the developers solved the problem in the new version of Bitdefender Antivirus. Support for Bitdefender users is appreciable, you queries can be solved via Live Chat, Telephone, Email and Knowledge base articles are also essential for its users. Same like other antivirus application, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 features Real time scans which will automatically scan your whole PC.

System Requirements
  • 2GB Free Hard disk Space required
  • 1GB Ram Recommended
  • 1.0   GHZ Dual Core Processor
Instructions for Installing Bitdefender Plus 2014
  1. This is a Torrent File, you must have a Torrent client installed on your PC
  2. Disable your internet connection and uninstall any other previous antivirus or disable it..!
  3. If you are using 32bit operating system, Open X32.exe file. If you are using 64bit operating system, then use X64.exe.
  4. You will find the serial key in Info.txt file.
  5. After installing the software, open it and close it directly!
  6. Restart your PC, now your software should be activated..!
  7. Done! Support the developers, if you like this application.
Latest Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 Crack Free Download
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